Questions and Answers

A: Wildcards are important game pieces designed to give players a second chance when they fall behind. They are not intended to be a straightforward effect that wins the game.

A: There is no schedule set to release Wildcards. New ones will be added to the game if we notice players facing situations that are difficult to overcome. There should be as few Wildcards as possible, so they are easy to remember.

A: Currently there is no limit set to the potential Survivors in the game. We are planning on releasing new characters every 3 months to increase the number of potential combinations and maintain a fresh competitive scene.

A: This mode is disabled as we don't want to split players into two groups. Ranking games are our priority and will be released when we have a stable player base.

A: Some Survivors may seem to be either too weak or too strong individually. This is because each hero is aimed at being partially ballanced as a group of 5 heroes. Not every Survivor has been released just yet and as new ones get released, new strategies will emerge. Our goal is to create as many groups of 5 hero strategies viable.

Yes! We believe there are thousands of possible combinations of Survivors to discover, enjoy or analyze. We will continue to provide fresh content to show and talk about and we plan to estabilish creator support in the future. Feel free to reach out through our contact form or email.

We are always looking to collaborate with passionate people who enjoy our project. The best way to start is to be active at our Discord channel.