SUR5 is original counter deck building game that can be played in countless ways. Select party of 5 heroes and fight against other players. Upgrade Wildcards and unlock new Heroes to expand possibilities in a post apocalyptic world.

Innovative Gameplay

SUR5 brings a brand new, fun experience that is easy to understand, but has surprising depth with many nuances to discover.

Free to Play

This game DOES NOT have booster packs that contain random playable cards. All players have an equal chance to have a good time.

Freedom of Choice

Explore thousands of deck combinations using 20 unique Survivors. Many more are going to be released on a regular schedule.

Satisfying Competition

SUR5 respects fair gameplay that doesn't rely on crazy turnarounds to be exciting. Mechanics promote knowledge about the game features and taking calculated risks.

Underdog Company

This project is developed by a small, hard working team with big ambitions. Received support will be used for further game improvements.

Survive the apocalypse and become a part of the Rebellion!