The pool of cards available during duels consists of selected 5 Survivors. Characters contain 11 cards and can be unlocked directly without the need to purchase random booster packs. With each new release the amount of card interactions exponentially grows!

Generate symbols from different cards to activate powerful Combo effects. You never know what card you may need leading to creation of unique and exciting builds. Discover hundreds of unexpected combinations between seemingly unfitting cards.

Single match takes only 10-20 minutes and allows for rapid development of your build. Minimalized starting deck as well as unique to SUR5 design choices create dynamic gameplay where every decision matters.

If you find yourself in a losing position pick one of the Wildcards. These lifelines can be selected at any point of the duel to fix issues inside your deck and give you a second chance.

Purchase powerful Invade cards that will go into your opponent deck disturbing their strategy and continuously dealing damage. Be careful as they generate 2 symbols giving your adversary an opportunity to use them as combo pieces!

Survive the apocalypse and become a part of the Rebellion!